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I have been traveling to Afghanistan since 2003. I teach science and train teachers there. My nonprofit, Classrooms Across Cultures, has much more information about my trips and what I do when there.

The trips are partly paid for by donations, but I end up funding a large amount of the trip with personal funds. Donations like yours allow me to teach more lessons to more teachers and students.

A general donation is very welcome. But many people prefer to know that their donation has gone toward something concrete and helpful. Below the general donation button below, I have listed a number of items I will purchase for my lessons. I will buy most of these items in Afghanistan, both to support the local economy, and to ensure that the teachers will be able to access the same supplies once I have gone.

I appreciate all donations. These donations are tax-deductible, and go to the Classrooms Across Cultures nonprofit. Your donation will go toward purchasing supplies for my lessons, such as buying local honey or olive oil (for a healing salve), purple cabbage (for an acid/base lesson), or clear plastic bottles (for a cloud lesson).

Sponsored Donations

Student Donations

Choose items below that you would like to sponsor for Afghan students and teachers. Students interested in helping fellow students in Afghanistan can donate using these buttons.

Students are also encouraged to email us a note and a picture to show to Afghan students.

Student school supplies
Sponsors: $25 - 5 sets of student supplies
Students: $5 - 1 set of student supplies
This donation will supply students with basic school supplies, including writing implements, paper, folders and a binder, and a backpack.
$25 - 10 thermometers
Students: $5 - 2 thermometers
The teachers use thermometers in many lessons, including the cloud lesson, soap-making, and toffee-making.
Thermometers are one of the few items I usually have to buy in America and bring with me to Afghanistan. Precision science equipment is hard to find there.
Aschiana teacher crafts
$35 - hand-made garment
Students: $20 - hand-made garment
Aschiana, one of my favorite schools in Kabul, funds itself partly by selling crafts and clothing items made by the teachers. We can ship this item to you once we return. In the Shipping Instructions section of your order, leave a few details about what you would like. We can't guarantee any particular item, but we can bring back an Afghan item as close as possible to your request. Don't forget to list your gender.
Olive oil from Jalalabad
$12 - Quart of olive oil
Students: $6 - 1/2 quart of olive oil
Olive oil, one of the many ingredients than can be bought within the local Afghan economy, is produced in Jalalabad. I use it in a number of lessons. It is an especially important ingredient in the healing salve
Beeswax from Ghazni
$10 - 20 sheets of wax
Students: $2 - 4 sheets of wax
Ghazni specializes in beekeeping, which is of special interest to me because I have kept bees myself for a number of years. I use the beeswax in when making soap, and also when making the healing salve that has become so popular in Ghazni.
Small containers for salve
$20 - 40 containers
Students: $5 - 10 containers
I sue these small containers, bought in Afghanistan, for the healing salve I teach Afghan teachers to make.
Travel expenses for teacher trainers
Students: $10
When I travel to Afghanistan with other teachers, we pay most of the travel expenses ourselves. Donations never cover much of the plane tickets, which makes up over 50% of the entire trip expense. Help me continue my work in Afghanistan by donating here.
Sodium hydroxide
$20 - 5 lbs. of sodium hydroxide
Students: $5 - 1.25 lbs. of sodium hydroxide
Sodium hydroxide, one of the few ingredients I have to carry with me Afghanistan, is one of the only two absolutely necessary ingredients in soap-making (the other is a fat or oil of some kind). The soap-making lesson is one of the most popular with teachers, and it is impossible to locate sodium hydroxide in small amounts in Afghanistan.
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