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"I actively endorse this protractor to teachers in all my in-service classes"
-A. Hire, teacher, CA

"This is so easy!  Why torture ourselves with the other protractor!  They are phenomenal!   We really need these in our classes!"
-L. Monde, teacher, CA

"I had your flier posted in my classroom, and students were clamoring for me to order your protractor.  'When are you going to order that?' they wanted to know.  They could tell just from looking at the picture that it was superior to the protractor they use now.  Also, the teachers' aids are asking for it!"
-D. Woods, teacher, CA

"Kids love it!  We've been doing a lot of projects over the past month and they have been doing very well!  Thanks a lot!"
-D. Tamanaha, teacher, CA

"We did a really nice lesson that would have been fraught with frustration with a standard protractor!"
-V. Whelan, teacher, CA

"I buy these every year.  I would never go back to the old protractor.  In all that time, only one of the very 1st white protractors broke at the tip.  They are great."
-M. Katz, teacher, CA

"It's a great invention.  Why would anyone ever use the old protractor my partner & I wonder?  We use them teaching seminars.  One student came up to me with her money (unbidden) including shipping and handling and said her mother demanded she get one for middle school next year."
-B. Andrews, El Camino Real
Elementary School, CA

"It is the best and easiest one to use that I've ever had.”
-B. Dugan, student, Irvine, CA

“We have enjoyed using your protractors while learning angles.  They are much easier to read than standard protractors.”
-D. Karle, teacher, NE

"These Barry Visual protractors are really great! I bought a class set several years ago and they last and last."
-J. Longanne, teacher, UT

"Once the kids use yours, they never want another; we have to order another 150!"
-Rhonda, teacher, CA

"Wow, I’m buying a set of these for my son’s class!”
-J. Campfield, Old Mill Elementary, CA

"Your seminar was the most inspiring one I've been to; I've been thinking about you and your ideas for years!  You showed those slides, you brought all those various ideas together about angles, etc.  You had such a great way of handling a huge audience.  I don't know how you did it.  I hope you will do another one!" 
-K. Roberts

""The kids benefit so much by your being here.  I can't believe how much my kids look forward to your visits!" (she has the 3 year olds!).  When I commented that I couldn't always tell how they were reacting, she said "Well, I know them from working with them all the time and they are so attentive when you are here that I know it's really working."
-S. Tackes

"I can't stop talking about you to everyone I meet!  "Do you know about Camilla Barry?"  I am SO HAPPY that I found a hole in my schedule and could come hear you.  You are so enthusiastic, I liked your feminist approach, you had the joy of teaching...I am thrilled that you called me!"
-C. Vyas

Some of our Customers:
Advanced Education - Sherrie's Schools, CA
All Saints Episcopal, CA
Beacon Heights Elementary, UT
Bella H. Cameron Elementary, TX
Bellevue West HS, NE
Ben Franklin School, TX
Berendo Middle, CA
Berkwood Hedge, CA
Beverley Hills HS, CA
Bishop Union Elementary, CA
Bonita Canyon, CA
Brook Haven, CA
Brookside School, CA
Brywood School, CA
Burton Valley Elementary, CA
Buscher Middle, CA
California School for the Deaf, CA
Camelot School, CA
Cedar Grove Elementary, B.C., Canada
Central Union HS, CA
Champlin Park HS, MN
Charles C. Ball Elementary, TX
Charter Oak USD, CA
Chartwell School, CA
Chico USD, CA
Colina Middle, CA
College of St. Catherine, MN
Conejo Valley USD, CA
Consortium on Reading Excellence, CA
Creative Mathematics, CA
Culverdale PTA, CA
Deerfield School, CA
Delano Union Elementary, CA
Dorsey HS, CA
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, PA
Edna Maguire Elementary, CA
El Camino Real Elementary, CA
Escalon HS, CA
Escondido HS District, CA
Evergreen Jr. HS, UT
Fairfield-Suisun USD, CA
Fallbrook HS, CA
Fontana USD, CA
Fountain Valley School District, CA
Garfield HS, CA
Girl Scouts of America, CA
Glen Edwards Middle, CA
Grattan Elementary, CA
Greenfield Union Elementary, CA
Greenwich Board of Education, CT
Hamilton HS, CA
Hamilton Middle, CA
Hanshaw Middle, CA
Haverford Senior High, PA
Healdsburg HS, CA
Hesperia HS, CA
Hirsch Elementary, TX
Irvine USD, CA
Isbell School, CA
Jordan Senior High, CA
Junction Avenue Middle, CA
Junction Middle, CA
Kelly Elementary, TX
Kenosha USD, WI
Klamath-Trinity JUSD, CA
Lamar Elementary, TX
Lawrence Middle, CA
Lick Wilmarding HS, CA
Linton-Stockton Elementary, IN
Livingston Middle, CA
Logan HS, UT
Long Beach USD, CA
Longfellow Elementary, CA
Los Angeles HS, CA
Madeira Park Elementary, B.C. Canada
Malibu HS, CA
Mar Vista HS, CA
Marsten Middle, CA
Math 'N' Stuff, WA
MC Clymonds HS, CA
Merced College, CA
Mesa Linda Middle, CA
Monte Gardens Elementary, CA
Moreno Valley USD, CA
Neal Elementary, TX
Newark USD, CA
Newbury Park HS, CA
Newport News Public Schools, VA
Northwestern University, IL
Northwood Elementary, CA
Oak Knoll School, CA
Oak Run Elementary, CA
Oakland Hebrew Day School, CA
Oceanside USD, CA
Old Mill Elementary, CA
Palm Crest Elementary, CA
Park Avenue School, CA
Park Elementary, CA
Pine Grove School, CA
Pine Ridge School, CA
Pinewood Private School, CA
Pleasanton USD, CA
Ramona Middle, CA
RCOE Home Education, CA
Redwood City School District, CA
Reseda Science Magnet, CA
Resurrection School, CA
Rialto USD, CA
River Glen School, CA
Roosevelt Elementary, CA
Royal Oak Integrated School, CA
Salem-Keizer School, OR
San Bernadino City USD, CA
San Jose USD, CA
San Leandro USD, CA
Santa Ana School District, CA
Santa Clara Elementary, UT
Santa Margarita Catholic HS, CA
Santa Monica Montessori School, CA
Santa Rosa City Schools, CA
Santa Teresa HS, CA
Shaw Elementary, MA
Sheridan County School District, WY
Sierra School, CA
Sinaloa Junior HS, CA
Sisters of Charity, CA
Springbrook School, CA
St. Clare School, CA
St. Joseph of Cupertino School, CA
St. Nicholas school, CA
St. Rose School, CA
Stevens Point Area Schools, WI
Stewart Elementary, TX
Stowers Elementary, CA
Sundance Elementary, WY
Sunrise Middle, FL
Teel Middle, CA
Temple Emmanuel, CA
Tequesta Trace Middle, FL
Terrace School, CA
The Charter School of San Diego, CA
The Mirman School, CA
Travis USD, CA
University of Arizona, AZ
University of California Botanical Garden, CA
University of California, San Francisco, CA
Vail HS, CA
Visalia USD, CA
Vista USD, CA
W. W. White Elementary, TX
Warwick Secondary School, Bermuda
Waterford USD, CA
West Portal Elementary, CA
Westridge School for Girls, CA
White Oak HS, CA
Whited Elementary, CA
William Moreno Jr. HS, CA
Wilshire Crest Elementary, CA
Wilson Elementary, TX
Wilson HS, CA
Winman Junior HS, RI
Wiseburn School District, CA
Woodlawn Elementary, TX
Yucaipa Elementary, CA
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